Guatemalan Wedding Florist

Hi ! I'm Bea De La Roca

I have always been in love with flowers. 

My creative journey started as child with my mother Addy in her flower shop.

I would finish my school day and visit her,  playing with her flowers and creating my own flowers arrangements.

I studied architecture, the appreciation for creativity and art have always be in myself, working with flowers  not only bring joy and beauty , they bring intention and inspiration.

What makes US different.

My distinctive approach to client connections is the core of our uniqueness with my company. 

Prioritize authenticity, honesty, and integrity above all else. With our work we infuse luxury with a fresh perspective, always focus in creative.



I Truly Believe...

Flowers don’t have to be all about show, they can tell a story, each petal is a page.

I love the fact that weddings are made beautiful by their differences, because each love story is an unique aventure.

My ideal client is FUN, unconventional and eccentric and want more than beautiful flowers, they want to create with me.

My best advice to have a happy wedding is about making your wedding truly about enjoying your life together.